Modern technologies for maximum protection

Plenza PPF ®  offers high-tech anti-gravity polyurethane protective films of premium class of the new generation.

Brand created by one of the founders of detaling in Russia as well as founder of detaling center "Autoshield" since 2008 and the detaling school "Plenza School", and MaxPlenza since 2012. Thanks to many years of experience and joint collaboration with best American chemical companies and engineers as well as a leading manufacturer in China, we have developed for you a premium line of anti-gravity polyurethane films made from high-quality premium polyurethane raw materials using unique technologies with many features produced on modern technological American equipment. The products combine all modern innovations and technologies for maximum protection of the paintwork of the vehicle from mechanical and chemical influences.

Premium Polyurethane raw materials

polyurethane raw materials  (USA)

Plenza Top Coat
Plenza Top Coat

with a ceramic layer using a unique technology

Unique author's product lines
Unique author's product lines

Unique original lines

Premium – maximum protection
Ultra – high protection
Matte – protection and styling

Penza Film Structure

01. Upper protective liner
02. Plenza Top Coat

with a ceramic layer using a unique technology, raw materials from USA

03. High quality premium polyurethane

thermoplastic (TPU) delivered from the USA

04.Adaptive adhesive layer

pressure sensitive / raw materials delivered from USA

05. Bottom protective liner